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1.the upside can be amazing.

If you can get a talk right, the upside can be amazing.

2.sth, together with sth are having an impact. they are adding up and
doing sth….(多个起因,先介绍起因,后介绍影响)

Climate change, together with political and economic troubles are
having an impact. They are adding up and stressing out cities and us,
the people who live in them.

3.provided important insight.

The field of ecology have provided important insight.

4.every year sb does sth, enabling sth to become more and more

Every year the silicon computer chip shrinks in size by half and
doubles in power, enabling our devices to become more mobile and

5.sth leave sb …. causing sb to do sth

They left him nauseated, causing him to vomit every half hour for up
to eighteen hours.

Perhaps most intriguingly, pursuing these personal projects allows
you to
break free from your personality traits, **which can itself
be rewarding: **

  • 2014中国教育APP测评报告发布
  • 业内声音:在线教育三五年内出现完整体系
  • 视频:指尖上的中国教育
  • 濮存昕做客盛典:六字人生心得影响年轻人
  • 台湾培训学校为何衰败

to see how she and her colleagues helped people** whose problems had
stumped so many other**



1.lead to a bumper crop of sth

Will the societal shocks of 2016 lead to a bumper crop of (a
bumper crop is a crop that has yielded an unusually productive
harvest.) art in 2017 and beyond?

2.push people to do sth

will the unsettling political era ahead push people to create more
exciting art and music?

3.sth fuels the rapid growth of sth

VisiCalc, codeveloped with his friend Bob Frankston whom he met at
MIT, is widely credited for fueling the rapid growth of the
personal computer industry.

there no the Hope Project, those children would never receive the
precious knowledge. 可提炼出这样的句式:Were there no sth., sb. would
never do sth. 如负面话题,Were the situation to continue, we would pay
high price.


澳门百老汇赌场网址,1.create possibility for

create possibilities for meaningful conversations around social

2.sb can do something, because sth set up/open up

You can study together in big groups or in small ones, because the
building/architecture** set up these opportunities.**

3.sth pulls sb forward into new possibilities,

Whereas contexts embed us, projects pull us forward into new
,” he says. “And one of those possibilities is a
better life and a happier life.”



sb do something, raising the chilling prospect that

sb do something, raising the chilling prospect that the mass
shooter of the future might not even have to leave his home.

there is the potential for sth

There is also the potential for misuse.

with the high likelihood of

with the high likelihood of being made public on a widely viewed

run the risk of doing sth

you run the risk of limiting your prospects

  1.There are many causes/reasons for the dramatic growth/decrease.


sth (stand) as a (visible) reminder of the positive contribution sb
made to sth

For others, the structure stands as a visible reminder of the
positive contribution they made to their community.

Equally if not more important is the role of sth in doing
sth/enabling sb to do sth(比较的强调)

Equally if not more important is the role of education in
a person to enjoy the culture of his society and to take
part in his affairs, and** in this way** to **provide for
**each individual a secure sense of his own worth.

sth will be a source of direction as sb goes forward

his feeling of social obligation will be a source of direction as
he goes forward

  2. A number of factors can account for the change in.。.




forge new links to sth when they do sth

Students forge new links to their hometowns when they can solve
challenges for their families and neighbors.

Break down barriers between different groups
creat/provide for possibilities for meaningful conversations around sth

Break down barriers between different groups and in doing so,
create possibilities for meaningful conversations around social

  1. As an example of the power of love, we should remember how the
Chinese people of all nationalities respond to the call to help the
victims of natural disasters every year. Although their incomes are
still low by international standards, people all over the country do not
hesitate to donate whatever they can — be it money or goods—to help
their needy fellow citizens. Moreover, they do this with no thought of
gain for themselves。(01年)  


sth channel A into B that…

These TED Fellows** channel the energy of activism into creative
work** that can change hearts and minds.

  2. A case in point is the successful launching of “Shenzhou 7
Spacecraft” which sets china in a high position of aviation and space
flight. Although it means a great achievement for us Chinese, we are
facing new challenges in the future and need to do further research in
space technology. Another illustration is closely related to us, the
examinees. If we pass this test and are fortunately admitted by a
university, we shall not stop making efforts. Instead, we are confronted
with the challenge of conquering the difficult graduate courses. We
still have to strive for success in our future academic study,
employment and career。(04年) 

challenge sth

These talks challenge the hidden biases we all hold — around looks,
race, class, gender, language.


  The difference between a man who succeeds and one who does not lies
only in the way each treats opportunities. The successful person always
make adequate preparations to meet… as they duly arrive. The
unsuccessful person, on the other hand, works little and just waits to
see them pass by. Obviously, the two different attitudes towards
opportunities may lead to quite different consequences。